Elise Placed 1st at both Area Contests!

Congratulations to U-CAN-SPEAK club member Elise! After having won the club’s speech competitions in evaluations (giving feedback) and Table Topics (impromptu speeches) last week, Elise competed again tonight at the area level. In both the evaluation contest and the Table Topics contest, the judges picked Elise as the winner!

In the evaluation contest, contestants had to evaluate the speech ‘Adventure Lust’ from Staci, who visited from Civic Toastmasters. During Table Topics, contestants had to give a 1-2 minute speech answering the question: ‘If you were the mayor of Christchurch, what would you change about the city?’

Tonight’s success means that Elise will be competing again at division level, together with tonight’s second placed winners from AirWaves Toastmasters and Christchurch Women’s Club as well as the winners of all other area contests in the upper half of the South Island. Elise has already done our club proud, and we keep our fingers crossed!

U-Can-Speak presents Green’s Ilam Candidate David Bennett

Green's Ilam Candidate David Bennett
Green Party Ilam Candidate David Bennett

We have the pleasure of announcing Green’s Ilam Candidate David Bennett will present at our Club on Monday night.
His topic:
From Boaters to Barcelona to the Ballot Box

Our meeting will begin at about 7pm in Rehua 529 at University of Canterbury.

What’s Happening at the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship?

Find out this coming Monday! James Carr, Business Manager of the university’s Centre for Entrepreneurship will be our special guest for the night.

What is the difference between innovation, creativity and invention? How can identifying this difference enable you to have more impact more quickly? Find out at our next meeting, starting at 7 pm this Monday in Rehua 529 (formerly Commerce).

James carr joining us from UC’s Centre for Entrepreneurship

This coming Monday’s 7pm meeting, we have University of Canterbury’s Business Manager of the Centre for Entrepreneurship James Carr joining us.

His role involves a little bit of everything from coaching and mentoring student founders to facilitating workshops and running competitions. Over the last decade, James has worked with a startup English language services firm in Budapest, studied experimental condensed matter physics in Montreal, developed integrated health, safety and quality management systems for a young engineering design company in Christchurch, and took a year to explore Eastern Europe out of the back of a Mini.

See You on Monday 7pm in Rehua 529!

New venue monday 29 June 2020

This Monday we are back having an on-campus UCanSpeak meeting in room 529 in the Rehua building, off Arts Road at the University of Canterbury.

Walk through the main entranceway (close to the cafe) and then over the bridge. Keep walking until you reach the elevators, which will take you to level 5. A club member will point you towards Room 529.

Carparking is at the rear of the building.

Everyone welcome, but remember to stay home if you are feeling unwell.

See you 7pm on Monday!

Of Unicorns and Zebras

No, our last online meeting this Monday had absolutely nothing to do with fairy tales: unicorns and zebras are two different types of start-up companies! Facebook, Amazon or Skype would all be examples of businesses that build a monopoly on a market niche and attempt to make astronomical profits this way. Such startups are commonly known as ‘unicorns’. So-called ‘zebra’ companies are a more recent trend in the entrepreneurial (word of the day!) scene. They unite the profitability of a business with the cause of an NGO, that means, they also strive to be sustainable and serve the community.

During our warm-up, our members pitched their ideas of inventions or businesses they thought would enrich our world. A few examples: Elizabeth, being used to warmer climates, saw great potential for a solar-powered jacket that helps keep you warm in winter with extra built-in heating. Nic presented multiple ideas for turning people into cyborgs, including eye implants that extend the range of frequencies of light we can perceive. Dee even had a sketch on paper ready for her pitch of cavities below the street surface, where people deposit things of significance to them. Years or even decades later, when these time capsules are opened, the neighbourhood is having a big street party and the recovered contents are sold. What a creative idea – I think Dee can send off her draft straight away to have it patented!

Dee also gave her third speech today, which was all about implementing the feedback she had received from previous evaluators. As always, it was a pleasure to listen to and learn from Dee’s unique style.

Tonny also took an important step forward by delivering his very first evaluation – and what a carefully structured evaluation speech it was!

Nic challenged everyone with a fascinating range of creative and innovative topics for impromptu speeches. Among others, we had a chuckle about the exasperating challenges of controlling a TV and a DVD player with a single remote control (Pete), we learnt what a Zaczigaroo (???) is (Hiran) and why microwaves are overrated (Dee).

Next week, we should be back in the Erskine building, probably Erskine 235. Keep an eye out for updates on the exact meeting location!


Member Spotlight: Associate Professor Dave Wareham

Meet our past member Dave Wareham! Dave contributed to the club as Vice President Membership, and even designed and produced a club brochure.

My name is David Wareham and I am an Associate Professor in Civil and Natural Resources Engineering. I joined Toastmasters in the early years of my career here at UC and I went through the first 10 speeches of the first book. The Toastmaster’s experience helped me tremendously in practicing how to make a speech interesting; and I often use the generic skills I was taught at Toastmasters in my lectures – especially “spicing” up my lectures with “war” stories that bring sometimes rather dry lectures to life. Even now, I regularly give sermons in a local church and/or other related theological talks and again, I make use of the abilities I gained during my tenure with Toastmasters UC. I highly recommend the club to anyone wanting to become a better presenter.

Do you want to experience the same benefits? Please get in touch or join our next meeting!

Online Meeting

Magda of online club, Ablaze, has sent a general invitation to anyone curious what an online meeting looks like.

Ablaze has been online for 2-3 years now and this may be a good opportunity to see what’s possible for your own club or even any group of members who care to meet online during this period.

Their next meeting is this Saturday. Login in on https://zoom.us/j/9698824752 any time after 8am for an 8:20am start. Meeting runs for 90 minutes.

Note: For some smart devices you may need to download the Zoom app and enter the meeting number 9698824752.

Monday Meeting suspended

Our duty as committee members of U-Can-Speak is to keep everyone safe in this public health crisis. We have decided to suspend the next Monday meeting.

In the meantime, We are actively looking at ways to hold virtual meetings for the future. Bishopdale Toastmaster is holding a virtual meeting on skype on Thursday, If you still wish to attend Toastmaster virtually, feel free to contact our committee or Sunjoong from Bishopdale Toastmaster for more details.

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